Ringstraße 37 – 38855 Wernigerode 

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Norbert Schwarz Tel.: 015238773506

Shopping and feeling good! You will find freshness, variety and always new offers in the famila market in the Lindencenter. Whether for everyday needs or special occasions: Here you will find a large selection of products from the region and from all over the world.

The famila market presents itself generously and at the same time clearly arranged. At the gourmet counter there are many homemade specialties and competent advice. famila offers pork from straw pig husbandry and exclusively Block House beef. There are around 350 different types of cheese at the cheese counter. The cream cheese creations freshly prepared on site every day are particularly popular.
famila has a total of around 40,000 products. Many come from northern Germany or even directly from the region, such as the eggs from Premslin, beer from the Ludwigsluster brewery, vegetables from Hof ​​Denissen and cream cheese from Goldschmidt. In many product areas, famila offers a cheap alternative to conventional brands with the quality brands Hofgut, Biogreno and vegan leben. There are also around 900 products at discount prices.